Company Profile

SUPERTEC MACHINERY, INC. was founded in 1954 on the principle of providing a “Quality and Innovative” bicycle product to the market place. With the addition of motorcycle and automobile parts to their product line in 1966, they decided the best way to accomplish their goal of “Quality and Innovation”, was to manufacture their own machine tools, to their tolerance and specification, for the purpose of manufacturing a better quality product. This led to Supertec’s initial entrance into the machine tool industry. Today, Supertec has become one of Taiwan’s top machine tool builders, specializing in Centerless, Cylindrical, and Surface Grinding Machines.

Company History

  • 1954 Supertec founded in Taichung, Taiwan as a bicycle parts manufacturer.
  • 1960 Opened a second manufacturing plant for the purpose of manufacturing motorcycle and automotive parts.
  • 1966 Developed their first fully automatic hydraulic Surface (P-20AD), Cylindrical (G-250), and Centerless (C-12, C-20) Grinders.
  • 1973 Relocated both plants to a new facility in Taichung, Taiwan.
  • 1973 Developed their first generation of Cylindrical Grinders for sale to the marketplace.
  • 1981 Developed their first hand feed Surface Grinder, model N-612.
  • 1982 Introduced larger model (G-450) Cylindrical Grinder.
  • 1985 Developed Profile Surface Grinder.
  • 1987 Developed their first traveling column type grinders, the STP-2040ADC and the STP-2060ADC models. Awarded highest level (class A) manufacturer by Taiwanese government.
  • 1989 Developed their first programmable controlled hydraulic Surface Grinders.
  • 1990 Entered into joint venture with Grisetti of Italy to build Cylindrical Grinders for them, thus transferring their technical know-how of fixtures, patterns, jigs, and workmanship to Supertec.
  • 1992 Developed second, and current, generation of Cylindrical Grinders.
  • 1994 Developed CNC Cylindrical Grinder line using Fanuc O-G control.
  • 1995 Developed CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinder line using Fanuc O-G control.
  • 1997 Established Supertec-USA sales and service office in Paramount, California.
  • 1998 Introduced Mitsubishi PLC touch screen color control for Surface and Cylindrical grinders. 1998 Attained CE certification on CNC Cylindrical Grinders for sales to European countries.
  • 1999 Introduced PC based conversational shop floor language control for CNC Cylindrical Grinders.
  • 2001 Introduced high precision Planotec model Surface Grinders.
  • 2002 Introduced large (24″ cross travel) single column type Surface Grinders, and larger double column Surface Grinders.