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Supertec Introduces New High Precision Jig Grinding Machines


To All Supertec Dealers

Supertec is proud to introduce 3 sizes of Jig Grinders covering a full range of capability

Models offered include the JG-510M (20” x 12” x 4” x 13” X,Y,Z,W), the JG-1270CM (47” x 27” x 4” x 16”), and the JG-1010G (39” x 39” x 10” x 16”) a double column style.

The JG-510CM model has an X and Y axis positioning accuracy of ±0.000060” and a planetary grinding roundness of .00004”. The Z axis is driven by a high speed linear motor for faster acceleration and greater repeatability.

All models utilize the FANUC 31i-B control for 4 axis simultaneous movement with 12 grinding modes including user friendly automatic pecking macros.

A KSK brand German made hydrostatic spindle with RPM’s up to 60,000 is used for greater accuracy and reliability. Air spindles for speeds up to 150,000 rpm are available based on application.

For more information contact:
Supertec Machinery INC.
562-220-1675 ph, 562-220-1677 fax

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