Vertical Grinder

VG Series

VG Series


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Model VG-4T VG-8CT VG-12CT
Electronic control system      
Control type Oi-MD 32iB  32iB 
Range of internal grinding diameter Ø1"~Ø17.7 Ø1"~Ø17.7 Ø1"~Ø17.7
Range of external grinding diameter Ø17.7 Ø17.7 Ø17.7
Internal grinding length (ID) ID<Ø6";8.8"
External grinding length 15" 19.7" 19.7"
Swing of work spindle Ø17.7 Ø33.5 Ø49
Work piece height (including fixture) 15.7" 23.6" 23.6"
Maximum Load on work table 550lbs. 3300lbs. 6600lbs.
X Auxis travel      
Travel (from spindle center to iright 11.8" 52" 60"
Travell (from spindle center to left) 27.1" 15.7" 23.6"
Travel soeed 0~945 0~945 0~945
Minimum setting unit 0.0001" 0.0001" 0.0001"
Z Auxis travel      
Travell 15.7" 25.6" 25.6"
Travel soeed 0~945 0~945 0~945
Minimum setting unit 0.0001" 0.0001" 0.0001"
Wheel saindle      
Tool hoider BT40 BT50 BT50
Wheel spindle speed 0~10000 0~10000 0~10000
Wheel diameter Ø0.8"~Ø6 Ø1.7"~Ø9.8" (Max10.6") Ø1.7"~Ø9.8" (Max12")
Dimention ofwork table Ø17.7" Ø31.5" Ø47.2"
Spinde speed 20~400 10~200 5~100
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)      
Tool holder BT40 BT50 BT50
Wheel storage capacity 8 6 6
Maximum wheel (Diameter x Length) Ø6"x9.8" Ø10.6"x13.8" Ø11.8"x13.8"
Maximum wheel weight 17.6lbs. 44lbs. 44lbs.
Teal seleetion Fixed Fixed Fixed
Wheel driver  motor 5.5kw/7.5kw 7.5kw 5.5kw/7.5kw
Spindle drive motor 7.5kw 3.7kw/5.5kw 3.7kw/5.5kw
X axia motor 3kw 6kw 6kw
z axia motor 4kw 6kw 6kw
Machine weight and dimensions      
Floor space 130"x88" 134"x169" 167"x160"
Machine height 12.3" 143" 143"
Power caepacily (KVA) 27.5 33 33
Net weight 17,600lbs. 35,200lbs. 42,905lbs.
Gross weight 20,240lbs. 37,400lbs. 47,960lbs.
Machine Packing size (LxWxH) 99"x91"x138" 152"x141"x162" 140"x176"x161"
Accessories Packing Size (LxWxH) 87"x80"x55" 115"x80"x90" 115"x80"x90"


Standard Accessories
Spindle coolint system
Xz Axis linear scale
Bolts and leveling blocks
Auto lube system
User's manual
Air spray
Splash gurad
Work lamp(2sets)
Air blow
Pilot lamp
Coolant system motor
Heat exchabger
MPG (hand wheel)
Pressure feed cylinder
(8T/6T) Tool kit
Tool box
Electromagnetic chuck
(Hydrostatic rotary table) Power unit
coolant system wmag separator&paper filte

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