For 50 years Supertec has been meeting the needs of their customers. Today our well trained, experienced team is ready to help you solve all your grinding problems. Whether it’s grinding time study, a tricky multi grind part, or a part test grind we’re ready and able to help. At our Paramount California sales and service center we stock a large supply of machine parts and accessories as well as an ample inventory of every model machine we sell. All the personnel in our extensive service department have been factory trained, and in some cases having worked for years in the factory before coming to the U.S. We also have a fully trained dealer network ready and able to come to your location and discuss your grinding application.

Please give us a call at (562) 220-1675 for the dealer nearest you. If you would like to discuss a grinding application or need to know the name of your local dealer, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch just as soon as possible. You can also email us directly at info@supertecusa.com


TEL: (562)220-1675 FAX: (562)220-1677