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Supertec Machinery Inc. was founded by Mr. Randy Chu in 1997. In order to learn the US culture and observe the manufacturing market thoroughly, Mr. Randy Chu was educated and obtained a university degree in the United States.

Since Mr. Randy Chu’s family operated a precision machinery manufacturing company in Taiwan, he returned to Taiwan after completing his education and helped to expand the family business into the European and American markets. Within several years, Mr. Randy Chu had successfully promoted his products to well-known grinding machine manufacturers under OEM brand names. Through the experience of cooperating with the top level manufacturers, Supertec Machinery has gained lots of useful techniques and skills.

By 1997, the Chu family’s business had grown firmly worldwide; at that time Mr. Randy Chu decided to establish Supertec Machinery Inc. in Los Angeles, with the goal to enhance the service and technical support between US manufacturing and the machine tool supply chain in Taiwan.

In 2010, in order to address the demand for precision grinding operations and productivity optimization in the US market, Mr. Randy Chu set up the technical & application headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. Now with Supertec Machinery having decades of experience, the customers can easily order “customized” or “turn-key” grinders that can be installed on their production line without unnecessary time delays.

For over 20 years Supertec Machinery Inc. has accumulated trust and support from customers all over the globe. We are grateful for having opportunities to serve our customers. In 2022 Supertec Machinery will continue our investment in sustainable manufacturing operations, in order to keep providing the best quality of products and service to our customers!



  • 2020 introduced Double disc grinder and Mini Genie CNC cylindrical grinder

Double disc grinder

Mini Genie 2520CNC


  • 2019 introduced EGM-450CNC ID/OG grinder


  • 2018 introduced EGM-350CNC ID/OD grinder



  • 2017 introduced CNC JIG grinders and Vertical grinders
  • 2017 opened a second warehouse & showroom in Paramount CA.

CNC Vertical Grinder


  • 2016 introduced EASY series 2 & 3 axis CNC surface grinders



  • 2015 introduced large capacity CNC cylindrical (Roll) grinders
  • 2015 introduced Powermaster PMG series of turret style CNC ID/OD grinders


  • 2014 introduced 42” OA over arm type surface grinders
  • 2014 introduced EGI-150CNC ID grinder


  • 2013 introduced Master 2 & 3 axis CNC surface grinders
  • 2013 introduced DW-618CXII slicer surface grinder


  • introduced SG series of price competitive surface grinders


  • 2009 introduced Grindmaster ID/OD grinders


  • 2008 introduced Rotary type surface grinders and CNC centerless grinders




  • 2007 introduced Double column type surface grinders



  • 2006 introduced 32” size column type surface grinders
  • 2006 introduced “NC” cylindrical grinders with a ballscrew, AC servo motor and PLC control.



  • 2002 introduced 24” column type and large double column type surface grinders


  • 2001 introduced high precision Planotec model surface grinders



  • 1998 introduced the first PC based (CII) conv., shop floor language, cylindrical grinder.
  • 1998 introduced STP-618 manual, 2 axis and 3 axis automatic surface grinders.
  • 1998 introduced CNC anglehead cylindrical grinder to the US market.
  • SUPERTEC USA has exhibited at IMTS in the Grinding Pavilion every year since 1998

IMTS 1998




  • Approximately $5,000,000 in machine tool inventory and $500,000 in parts and accessories inventory are stocked in Paramount CA.
  • Sales and service is also supported thru a machinery dealer network of over 150 dealers in the USA, Canada and Mexico as well as South America.
  • Applications support, time studies, and test grinds are available from the Paramount CA facility.
  • Multiple factory trained service technicians with over 70 years’ experience are on hand to support customers with in field and phone support.
  • The factory trained sales staff with over 80 years’ experience supports customers from Paramount CA
  • The Paramount CA office supports customers in both North and South America.
  • SUPERTEC USA was founded in 1997 with the opening of our sales and service facility in Paramount California.

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