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ITEM MODLE H130 H160 H200
Max. swing over table INCH Ø51 Ø63 Ø78
Max. distance between c.c. FEET 13,16,20,23,26 16,20,23,26,32,38 20,23,26,32,38
Max. weight with supports LB 33000 66000 88000
Max. O.D. ground INCH Ø51 Ø63 Ø78
Rang of grinding dia. INCH 80-1300 180-1600 250-2000
Max. dia of crown INCH By program
Wheelhead &
Carriage(X axis)
Wheel size(O. D. x Width x Bore) INCH 36”x3”x12”
Type of lubricating system - Hydrostatic & dynamic system
Rotating speed of wheel R.P.M 300-1200
Max. cross feed rate INCH/
Cross feed per pulse INCH 0.00004
Table (Z axis) Travel of table or head (Z axis) INCH Center Distance+8"
Travel speed of table INCH/
Type of lubricating systekm - Hydrostatic &dynamic system
Support Roll neck diameter range INCH 3-15
( 13-23 option)
(13-27 option)
Workhead &
Rotation speed of work head R.P.M 6-50 3-30
Size of center - PT#100
Moving speed of tailstock INCH/
Stroke of quill INCH 8
Power rating Grind wheel motor HP 50HP(40HPX6P) 75HP(60HPX6P)
Workhead motor HP 30HPX6P 40HPX6P 40HPX6P
Table traverse motor (Z axis) HP 22NM 30NM 30 NM
Tailstock move motor HP 1HPX6P
Cross feed motor (X axis) HP 12NM
Lubricating system HP 2HP
Coolant system Gal 500x2HP

Motor JG-510CM JG-101G JG-1270CM
X axis 1.4kw (4Nm) 4.0kw (22Nm) 3.0kw (12Nm)
Y axis 1.6kw (8Nm) 4.0kw (22Nm) 3.0kw (12Nm)
W axis 1.4kw (4Nm) 1.6kw (8Nm) 1.6kw (8Nm)
Z axis 2x2.1 kw 6.8 kw 2x2.1 kw
CS axis 0.55 kw Spindle
U axis Stepping
Dimensions and weight      
Length 110" 181" 134"
Width 108" 153" 103"
Height (Max.) 105" 142" 118"
Height (Min.) 92"   108"
Weight 11,022 lbs 27,550 lbs 15,840 lbs
Power requirement      
Voltage 220v±10%
Max. Vottage consumotion 13 kw 17.5 kw 15 kw
Compressed air 7 kg/cm²
Air consumption 420 nl/min
NC controller function      
Nic controller FANUC31i-B
Number of controlled axes 4axes
Max increase up to number of controlled axes 26axez
CS contouring control 1axes
Chopping function Building in
Least input increment 0.000004"/ 0.0001 deg
Max. Stroke ±394"/±394 deg
Rapid traverse Max 328 ft/min
Rapid traverse override F0,25,50,100%
Feed per minute mm/min
Manual handle feed 4 axes
Manual handle feed rate x1.x10x100×1000
Tape code (Auto.recognition) EIA/ISO
Length storage by program 640 m
Parity check Horizontal and vertical parity


Standard Accessories
Mini Jack S75 (4)
Mini Jack S9s (4)
Mini Jack S125 (4)
Screw M12x50L (4)
Screw M12x75L (4)
Screw M12x100L (4)
Screw M12x125L (4)
Screw M12x150L (4)
Flange Nut M12 (4)
Maintenance Tool Box (1)
Clamping Chuck 12 X 65 L (4)
Clamping Chuck 12 X80 L (4)
Clamping Chuck 12 X 100 L (4)
Dial Gauge Frame (2 sets)
Cooling Oil Tank (1 set)
Electric grease lubricator (1 set)
Cooler (Cycle Type) (1 set)
CBN Grinding Teal (1 set)
Hearing Aid (1 set)
Light (1 set)
Indicator (1 set)

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