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Model VR-24 VR-40
Rotary magnetic chuck dia. 24" 40"
Max. grinding radius. 12.8" 20.6"
distance of table surface to spindle surface center. 12.8" 20.6"
Rotary magnetic chuck speed. 5-50 rpm 5-20 rpm
Rotary magnetic chuck horse power. 3KW 5.5KW
Spindle motor. Siemens, W3 10HP/15HP(OPT.) Siemens, W3 40HP
Spindle speed(50/60Hz) 1450/1750 rpm 1450/1750 rpm
Auto downfeed horse power. Servo Motor 3KW Servo Motor 2KW
Vertical hand wheel sownfeed per revolution. x1, x5, x10 (MPG) / 0.00005", 0.00025", 0.005" x1, x5, x10 (MPG) / 0.00005", 0.00025", 0.005"
Vertical hand wheel sownfeed per graduation. x1, x5, x10 (MPG) / 0.00005", 0.00025", 0.005" x1, x5, x10 (MPG) / 0.00005", 0.00025", 0.005"
Wheel size(dia x width x bore) 6"x2"x1" *8 pcs 6"x2"x1" *8 pcs
Net weight / gross weight 9460/11000 LBS 20900/23100 LBS
Packing size (LxWxH) 9.8"x5"x7.6" FT 14.8"x6.6"x8.2" FT
Max Table Load 550 LBS 1760 LBS


Standard Accessories
Full enclosure
Fine pole electro mag chuck
Variable speed on wheel head
Auto lube system
Horizontal cup type grinding wheels (8 pcs)
Wheel dresser
Machine Lamp
PLC color touch screen control
MPG on verticeal travel
Coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator
Balancing arbor
Tool box and tools w/ leveling pads and screws
Optional Accessories
Spare grinding wheel-cup type (set fo 8)
DRO-1 axis
Rotary diamond dresser
Spindle chiller
Oil mist separator for full enclosure

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